December period is indeed a separate activity for Premier League clubs. Because, when most other competitions are off to celebrate Christmas, England is familiar with the term Boxing Day which keeps the competition going. What is Boxing Day?

The term Boxing Day has emerged since the middle of the 19th century when the reign of Queen Victoria. In the beginning, this tradition was devoted to the lower classes (servants) who for one full year served employers.

The day after Christmas, the employers will give a box-shaped gift to the servants. Along with the development of the times, then the prize was transferred to the holding of sports competitions that are still specifically to entertain all people.

Boxing Day is also known as a massive shopping tradition in the United Kingdom. On that day, almost all stores offered large discounts. Therefore, in addition to going to the stadium, the British people flock to the shopping center.

Usually in Boxing Day, Premier League competitions will hold matches between teams of one city or team that are located not far apart. This is intended to make it easier for fans to sign the stadium of their favorite team. Because, watching soccer matches has become part of tradition, entertainment, and family tourism for some people in the country of Queen Elizabeth II.

The match on Boxing Day has indeed become the focus of the British media. In fact, some media published on a large scale each scorer and win in the match held on December 26.

In history, the 1963 Boxing Day was recorded as being productive. At this time there were 66 goals in all matches. Among them was Liverpool’s 6-1 victory over Stoke City, Fulham hitting Ipswich with a score of 10-1. And Blackburn, who won 8-2 at home to West Ham, and Chelsea who destroyed Blackpool with a score of 5-1.

Whatever the reason, of course Boxing Day has its own place for the British public. Because, the Christmas period is the right day to share love and happiness with the family in filling vacation time.