Getting to know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts is well known to the corners of the world

Now MMA matches (Mixed Martial Art) are often shown on TV. Many people say MMA is probably the most brutal fighting match.

The participants combined all existing martial arts and used them in battles. One of the strongest martial arts that must be mastered by MMA athletes is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or also known as Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

This self-defense prioritizes the fight of the floor (ground fight), locking, and strangulation. Many have underestimated this martial arts before, but it is proven that this martial art is one of the most effective and most dangerous.

Let’s look at history and its advantages.

1. Birth History

In 1904, the creator of Judo in Japan named Kano Jigoro, sent 5 students to all corners of the world to introduce this martial arts. They challenge other martial arts champions such as wrestling, boxing, Savate, etc. One of them was named Mitsuyo Maeda who came to Brazil in 1914.

A young Brazilian named Carlos Gracie was interested in the martial arts Maeda introduced, and decided to study. Maeda then accepted Carlos as his student. Carlos then passed on the attraction to his youngest brother, Helio Gracie.

Although Helio mastered the Judo theory taught by his brother, he had difficulty in practice because this science relied on great strength while Helio’s body was very small. Helio finally modified the knowledge he learned so that what was called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Gracie Jiu Jitsu was born.

2. Its development

Carlos and Helio then developed the results of this modification. The result is that many people are interested. The brothers began to be famous in Brazil. Moreover, they dare to challenge the heroes of other martial arts in official battles.

One of the most famous and inviting thousands of spectators was when Helio fought the Japanese Judo champion who was successfully won by Helio. Since then the Gracie brothers began to receive many students. Even many fighters who come to Gracie college and challenge this martial arts. All defeated easily!

The brothers then taught this knowledge to all their children and grandchildren, and the Gracie family became a highly respected family in Brazil.

3. Digest of Science

Gracie Jiu Jitsu itself, although it looks simple, is actually very dangerous because it can break people’s bones easily, even kill opponents. Even more dangerous because it can be done by ordinary people who are small. This was born from the lack of a small Helio Gracie who tried to defeat a much bigger opponent.

Martial arts, also known as Jitz, emphasizes the elements of the ground fight. According to Helio, street battles are always divided into 3 phases, namely: fighting, struggling, and fighting on the floor. Almost all street battles are sure to go through these three phases. Jitz’s self-defense which he created immediately summed up this phase to the third phase. So that it makes it easy for those who don’t have strong blows or fast reflexes.

Because of this advantage, Jitz is considered a deadly martial art, and is effective in actual combat, whether in the ring or in street battles.

In addition, Jitz can also be used to conquer enemies without injuring and injuring opponents more severely. In conclusion, Jitz is very suitable for anyone to learn from martial arts athletes, ordinary people, children, ordinary women who are useful for protecting themselves from rapists, or even for disabled people.

4. Peak of Fame

Although famous in Brazil, Jitz is not very well known in other countries. In fact, many people underestimate this knowledge. In 1993, there was a legendary self-defense tournament called UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which held free battles without rules. The Gracie family sent their youngest son named Royce Gracie, who was the biological child of Helio.

In this first UFC championship, all the viewers underestimated Royce because he was the smallest among the other participants. But Royce defeated them all with his father and uncle’s martial arts. From then on, the world began to know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and their colleges could open branches throughout the world. Even the American army specifically invited the Gracie family to teach their knowledge to American soldiers.

Since the UFC, this science has been considered the standard that must be possessed by every martial athlete. Many martial arts athletes, celebrities, and other fighters really explore this science. The Gracie family traveled around the world to teach their knowledge.

5. Good Program

Aside from being very dangerous in martial arts matches, this science also proved to be very suitable for ordinary people to practice. As a safe and not self-defeating martial arts. The Gracie family creates programs and training systems for children who are victims of bully at school, women who want to protect themselves from male disorders, and older people who are no longer as strong as young people.

Anyone can learn this science safely and almost without violence. Here lies the uniqueness of this science. Can be used under any circumstances, either hard street battles, or just calm friends who go berserk because they are drunk without having to hurt them.

The Gracie system was introduced via the internet so anyone in the world could officially learn through the Gracie family directly as its creator. Cool, right?

Jitz is indeed very cool, and has now begun to spread to all corners of the world. Even cities in Indonesia have started to teach this knowledge even though they don’t have permission directly from the Gracie family. It is strongly recommended that you learn martial arts, because you will not know if you become a victim of crime or violence. There is no need for strength or very hard training.