MMA Trainer Randy Couture Trainer

Randy Couture is a former U.S. Army Sergeant, U.S. State Department translator, former mixed martial arts fighter and a professional MMA trainer. Couture has trained some of their best fighters in the world, including Andre Johnson, Diego Sanchez, Rashad Evans, Chuck Liddell and Ken Shamrock. Couture has coached many of the best fighters in the sport as well. He’s considered one of the finest in the game and has developed his own style of MMA, which can be known as”Cigancon” or”Gorilla Fist”.

Cigancon isn’t really like traditional striking, although a lot of fighters are taught to utilize striking attacks when necessary. It is more of a combination of different striking styles that work together to deliver the knockout. Couture prefers to split his opponents with his ground fighting skills, rather than engage in a boxing game, but he does sometimes use a boxing glove to provide the finishing blow in certain conflicts. He is a long standing, heavy puncher, who yells a high degree of punches that may stun opponents, but he has a submission arts abilities to pull off the end in some scenarios.

Randy Couture has taken jiu jitsu courses for many years and is well rounded as a mixed martial artist. He trains with lots of the best names in the game and has utilized his expertise and training to provide some of their biggest wins in his profession. If you are a professional mixed martial artist, having a trainer like Couture to work with will benefit you greatly in your development as a fighter.