Randy Couture Book: Becoming The Natural

Randy Couture was born in Southern California and raised in nearby Los Angeles. He is a two-time Olympic diver and long-lived truck driver who currently call L.A. house. His first experience of combat sports was a young boy seeing his dad teach fencing, and consequently, now he is one of the most accomplished and admired mixed martial arts fighters of our time. Couture is a multiple-time U.S. Open Division wrestler, a multiple-time NCAA tournament winner, a four-time WWE title winner along with the owner of the renowned Couture Fitness. Couture is now the face of fitness and physicality from the world of wrestling, making him a memorable figure in our culture and media.

Randy Couture’s book, Randy Couture: My Search for the Perfect fighter, documents his illustrious career in the octagon, by his beginnings coaching at age 15 with little more than a couple of kicks and punches, to winning the WWE title at age 19. The publication contains all of the historical matches that created Couture a celebrity, in addition to profiles of a number of his crucial competition such as Shawn Michaels, Fedor Cleaves, Chuck Liddell and Brock Lesnar. The publication becomes an unbelievable look into the world of professional wrestling and the grueling demands put on its fighters.

The Randy Couture Book is an superb primer on the art of striking with the mind as opposed to the palms and strikes utilized in conventional martial arts. Even though it isn’t a book for beginners, it is a really good read for people who are already involved in the game. The knowledge gleaned from the text will act as the perfect jumping off point for students who wish to incorporate striking and kicking into their own MMA arsenal. This is a must have for everyone who trains or wishes to train in the martial arts.